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In the midst of a lockdown, everything came to a standstill. Little did we know about the length of the lockdown and what rules it was going to bring along. Soon after, restrictions were imposed and life became complicated, just like that.

Indian Bank’s digital services have always eased its customers’ life and offered convenience with a satisfying customer experience. Lockdown was no different. The main focus was on the safety of their customers. Alongside, the bank kept lockdown at bay and continued to offer the same, stress-free service.

Bank, you can’t give it a miss sometimes. But it’s a little risky this time; safety, remember? Taking this thought further, we conceptualised an idea where we gave people the fastest route to visit Indian Bank amidst the lockdown. Yes, and this route was available to every customer, no matter where they lived and how far they lived from the bank. The route was called Net Banking. When one can work from home, why can’t one bank from home, too? Or even best, do both together.

Safety is people’s topmost priority in this period and fulfilling their banking needs without compromising on their health is ours. Through this idea, we encouraged people to use net banking for transferring funds, paying bills, applying for loans and more. While they were maintaining social distance, we brought them closer to fulfilling their bank work from home.

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