The Lockdown Chronicles

Lockdown is an experience. Let's just, with a heavy heart, come to terms with the fact that social distancing and self-isolation are the new norms. And why not? We started with a lockdown of 21 days and look at us now. We are on the 5th month of the lockdown. Though the restrictions aren't strict anymore and the conditions have been lifted, yet it's advised to stay indoors.

What happens while you stay indoors? That was our focal point for the new 'Email Signatures' series for Shemaroo Entertainment, which captured the strange yet unarguable realisations. Shemaroo, that breathes entertaining, filmy, Bollywood content, had a strong desire to add something more to its email and connect closely with their associates. We knew we all are in the same boat; same situations. We conceptualised the idea of sharing instances that would gain a sincere 'Same here!' reaction with a smile.

The idea was to create a series of realisations that the sender and recipient of the mail have discovered personally under the lockdown in the form of an analogy between work from home and work at home. From realising that there's more to dal than the dal you eat to attending video calls in shorts, from learning that gol rotis are a piece of art and practice to using jhaadu as cardio, we explored an angle the viewer will feel naturally attracted to.

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