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Shemaroo is one of the finest destinations to find the golden era of Bollywood entertainment, all in one place. With being home to a plethora of evergreen content, they are also a treasure chest of classic hits since the 50s. Shemaroo, today, is more than just movies. It has been expanding its wings to provide a wider and memorable experience to its audience; something that makes the viewer come back to Shemaroo for more. From theatre to devotion to kids, Shemaroo has it all available in popular Indian languages.

This iconic brand was ready to give its audience a daily dose of devotion, prayer and worship with speakers pre-loaded with devotional content. Basically, an audio book which replicates scriptures from the Gita and plays bhajans. Positioned as the perfect gift idea, these speakers are truly soul-soothing for people from every walk of life.

India is a land of festivals and festivals are incomplete without devotion. We have weaved emotions with the traditional values of festivals to beautifully present the speakers as a mark of complete celebration. Using Shrimad Bhagavad Gita speaker, we thanked fathers for showing us the right path. Using Bhajan Vaani speaker, we made festivals in lockdown special. Using Amrit Baani, we brought temples home. Blending the essence of the speaker with the personality of the occasion. Similarly, we have been resembling a tad bit of Shemaroo in every occasion to make it special and remind people of the overwhelming experience one can get with Shemaroo.

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