What if email signatures were honest?

Lockdown had just begun. People were adopting a new lifestyle of working from home. Hustle had taken a halt and we believed this too shall pass... soon.

In between this full-blown panic, Shemaroo Entertainment wanted to flatten the curve of mounting stress and alongside, convey the message of them taking preventive measures for the safety of their employees through innovative email signatures.

Our idea to shape this thought was a perfect blend of insight and experience. It was an honest answer to - how is it to work from home while working for home? Multitasking is easy said then done. At home, from regular chores to meeting daily deadlines, you can't afford to compromise on anything. Entertainment, also, being one of the core subjects.

Who knows how one is functioning while working from home. He or she could be doing anything, at anytime, along with work.
Shemaroo's email signatures captured and exposed the real emotion of sending emails from home while simultaneously executing more than just one task - the honest email signatures of lockdown.

Each content piece was an instance from people's real-life drama played at home. From bingewatching to playing ludo, we covered it all under an honest email signature.

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