John Deere Driving the pride of farmers to new heights.
Digital / Video Production 2017

John Deere, the American tractor manufacturer is one of the leading industry experts in safety. With a strong thrust on operational value and building aspirations, John Deere constantly engages with Indian farmers and educates them about making the best choice.

However, millions of farmers in India are familiar with the brand, but the social media presence of the brand was unable to promote the diversity of products and the strong values it stood for. They wanted to augment their social media presence through tactical and simple communication. We created insightful strategic campaigns that drove awareness and empowered farmers to realize their full potential.

All our communications were centred around propagating John Deere’s expertise in helping farmers accentuate their practices. There were several digital initiatives launched to educate farmers about the brand’s innovative products and services along with informing them about the latest developments in the agricultural industry. Our campaigns have resonated with the target audience, establishing a strong connection and enhancing John Deere’s persona in the process.

  • Automobile
  • Tractor
  • SocialMedia
  • VideoProduction