Indian Bank #TakeAPledge to help a senior citizen.

Isn’t it daunting? Sitting inside closed doors in a world which was once free to follow its whims. The lockdown, the movement, the behaviour, we don’t know if there will be an end to this, or say, a permanent solution anytime soon. It all seems so uncontrollable and makes you so helpless, right?
But in this setup, are we doing what’s in our control; i.e., helping the ones who need us the most right now – the senior citizens, who, like us, are locked and feel more handicapped than ever?

Senior citizens are the ones who visit banks the most. To make payments and settle other queries. While the bank loves to serve them, and enjoy their company, the times right now do not allow them to help the senior citizens face to face. We took this insight a little further and shaped it into an idea where the bank urged people to #TakeAPledge – a pledge to help senior citizens bank online.

Indian Bank is online and it is easy for the youth of India to bank online. But we’re worried about the seniors who aren’t too comfortable with this. Through a light-hearted appeal, we turned to the youth or anyone digitally sound to help make payments for seniors. Through a thoughtfully crafted video, we promoted the IndPay App which lets people bank from the comfort of their home.

While everyone is harnessed to bank online, why not teach our baby boomers to bank at any time and from anywhere?

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