Indian Bank Change the way you exchange.

Wearing a mask and gloves, holding a bag and your purse, taking the same route to your grocery store, you walk. You aren’t feeling the same anymore. Not because you are worried about what to cook for lunch or you are running out of basic essentials. But maybe because, everything is uncertain. You don’t know what’s in store for you in the lockdown period. Of course, you are taking precautionary measures, abiding by the rules, cleaning everything that enters home. But you never know what you might miss.

At the grocery store, you say hi to the cashier, follow the procedure and carry everything you’ve purchased, pay, take the remaining change and leave. Are you finding yourself feeling a little scared when you made that payment at the grocery store or rather when you received that change back?

Such silent fears grip us for a second wondering how many hands must those notes or coins have exchanged. So, what do we do? That, exactly, was the foundation of our idea for Indian Bank to create awareness amongst consumers to go digital and pay online. In short, go cashless. The aim was to contain the spread of virus at an individual level and also stay safe at the same time.

We showed the journey of a note and how it travels from one place to another, changing so many hands, and in the meantime, gets infected, through a video. Online payment is a blessing where we don’t have to deal with hard cash and keep worrying about carrying infected notes in our wallets. Indian Bank’s digital services are spread across India for free and it was the best time to educate people to go digital with a safety-induced effective communication that curbs the full-blown panic.

At the end, in these unprecedented times, Indian Bank made a small difference and taught people to stay safe and change the way they exchange money.

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