Iceland Frozen delights for active consumers
Website/Communication Strategy 2018

Iceland is a UK based brand that pegs into ‘Freshly Frozen Foods’ category. Iceland strongly believes that if you want to have fresh food, you should try freshly frozen food because of the care-to-quality and the processes involved. The brand also maintains high sustainability standards. Iceland’s product range is well received in international markets, with the brand selling over 10 million freshly frozen pizzas a week apart from other fast selling products.

Iceland forayed in the Indian market and we took up the challenge of building an impactful website for the brand. We designed and developed a new website that leveraged the international brand value, while giving it an Indian touch. This gave the brand a strong entry point in a market that is fairly new to frozen foods. Followed by which, a strong communication strategy was put in place to peg Iceland’s products into every Indian’s diet.

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