Food Service India Exploring the new flavours of India!
Social Media/ Instagram 2019

Food Service India is the largest F&B solutions provider. It’s committed to make its HoReCa partners profitable and successful. More than 6300 HoReCa partners are getting benefited by FSI’s 200+ products across cuisines and meal courses.

In a country where taste is above all, staying committed to different flavours and changing preferences of each customer is a challenge. Our aim was to craft a fusion of food across varied cuisines and quick solutions provided by FSI together that can be used to deliver effortless dishes. What better platform than Instagram to showcase delicious-looking food and the reason behind its consistent taste - unique food solutions?

We conceptualised a creative rendition of FSI products with trending formats that showcase a perfect balance of taste, ingredients and cuisine across the world and FSI solutions on the widely used platform - Instagram. Month on month, we explore different themes of food culture from around the world and club them with solutions which can help HoReCa in preparing the same.

Now, we have successfully introduced HoReCa to an innovative range of food solutions that they can use on a daily basis to please their customers and their taste buds. With FSI’s presence on Instagram, we are taking the brand closer to becoming a complete F&B solutions provider.

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