John Deere Celebrating festival season,
the John Deere style.

John Deere is more than just a tractor for a farmer; it's a partner for life, through thick and think. A farmer's emotions are attached to his tractor and hence, it automatically becomes an imperative part of every festival. In fact, festivals begin with the tractor.

As a brand that caters to a very niche audience who is culturally connected to traditions and religious sentiments, it's necessary to strategically reach out to this audience through their beliefs and culture. The objective of wishing the farmers on festive occasions is to accelerate the likability towards the brand and boost the sales of the tractors on auspicious days.

While building communication mediums was an achievable task, conceptualizing the communicative material to make sure it is taken positively on every platform and also understood by the TG at hyper local level was a challenge. Many festivals are based on the agricultural phases each year such as Harvesting, Sowing, etc., and the essence was captured to showcase the significance of the festival in relation to the John Deere tractor.

Festivals which do not have any agricultural roots and are purely religion based posed a bigger challenge, as the brand does not endorse/promote a particular religion and refrains from use of deities.

We learnt that the deities could be interpreted into different forms and visuals where the viewer would easily understand the intention of the form and build a connection through agricultural relevance. Creatively using the brand colors – Green and Yellow - to connect with the emotions of Growth and Prosperity, facilitated us to then build concepts around the specifics of each festival with an emotionally strong message and subtly promote the brand at the same time.

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