SBI Cyber Insurance Beating cybercrime with a Bollywood twist!
Social Media Campaign/ Social
Awareness 2019

SBI General Insurance strives for its customers' safety, at every step. With its range of products, it ensures to cover every little need of the consumer from motor safety to health insurance to crop insurance.

On the occasion of Internet Day, SBI General Insurance touched another such essential segment of society - Cyber Insurance. It ran a week-long digital campaign on social media enlightening its audience on the same. With a tinge of quirk, the advertisements had the loved-by-all Bollywood touch to it! The posts showed evergreen Bollywood villains, masked as various software viruses who walked out of electronic devices with their signature one-liners. The choice of dialogues were apt and ones that were classic in style. Anyone from a millennial to a middle aged person could therefore instantly connect with the campaign. We tied it back to the brand's Cyber Insurance product and led the audience to the website.

The campaign followed a very bold and young tonality throughout to communicate its message in an interesting way. Taking a very non-preachy yet relatable approach with the campaign, we managed to entice our audience while educating them about the same. As the medium used was social media, the campaign worked perfectly for the youthful movie-loving audience online.

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